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2017-03-10 2017-03-10

> Download Program as PDF Videotaping of the presentations: SELIM JAMBART, MD. MARIANNE ABI FADEL, PHARMD, PHD. SAMI AZAR, MD. RITA NEMER, MD. Remnants, the negelcted lipoprtoeins BORGE NORDESTGAARD, MD. CAROLE SAADE RYACHI, MD. CONCLUSION

2016-09-08 2016-09-08

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American University of Beirut Medical Center
2016-03-05 2016-03-06

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Grand Hills Hotel, Broumana
2015-11-14 2015-11-14

> Download as PDF DEAR FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES, Every day is Diabetes Day and this is why, for the second year in a row, the world adopted theme for Diabetes Day is ‘Healthy living and Healthy eating’. Nearly every factor in life may affect blood glucose; hence our approach this year continues to be highly

Metropolitan Hilton Hotel, Beirut Lebanon