14th DIABETES DAY 2018

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Committees and Speakers

President of The Congress

Paola Atallah, MD

Executive Committee

President: Paola Atallah, MD
Vice President: Akram Echtay, MD
Secretary: Maya Barake, MD, MSc
Treasurer: Hajar Ballout, MD  
Haitham Abou Daher, MD
Yasmine Akle, MD
Rita Medlej, MD
Abbas Nasser, MD
Carole Saade Riachy, MD

Scientific Committee

President: Rita Medlej, MD
Therese Abou Nasr, MD
Yasmine Akle, MD
Paola Atallah, MD
Hajar Ballout, MD
Myrna A.A Doumit, Dr
Akram Echtay, MD
Nahla Hwalla, PhD, RD, FAND
Carole Saade Riachy, MD
Mounzer Saleh, MD


Muhammad Abdul Ghani, MD, PhD                                           USA
Samir Naim Assaad, MBChB, MD, MRCP, FRCP, FRCP         Eygpt
Marc Y. Donath, MD, PHD                                                         Switzerland
Etienne Larger, MD, PUPH                                                        France
Severine Ledoux, MD, PhD                                                        France
Hubert K. Pennincks, MD                                                           UAE
Adie Viljoen, MBChB, FCP, MD, FRCPath                                UK